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Sexual Dysfunction since 1992

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If Cialis, Levitra or
Viagra haven't worked
for you, we can help. ED becomes more common as you get older. But it's not
a natural part of aging.

We don't promise instant results. Sustainable results are our goal for each patient,
by offering ongoing support, teaching and monitoring.

We offer the fastest acting oral treatment for ED available today.  If Viagra works for you, then Sildenafil Soft Tabs will work even faster! You'll see results in just 15 minutes rather than one hour
at 1/3 of the price of Viagra!


Sildenafil Citrate SofTabs, a sublingual lozenge compounded from Pfizer's Viagra. They dissolve under your tongue and enter your bloodstream in about 15 minutes, unlike other oral medications which take up to an hour to work. Sildenafil Citrate SofTabs allow our patients to experience and enjoy a more spontaneous sexual lifestyle.

98% of our patients successfully regain full erectile function. Our patients  tell you why...

"I had experienced erectile dysfunction for many years and had long given up hope of any change, short of an implant, which I opted not to have. From my first visit to Dr. Carroll, I was very impressed with the professionalism and the caring attitude. Having been a health care provider for 36 years, I was acutely aware of this. After years of frustration, my wife and I are once again enjoying a wonderful, intimate relationship."

Dr. R.G., age 61


"For approximately one year prior to seeing Dr. Carroll my marriage and sex life were in bad shape. I was unable to sustain an erection after penetration, thereby losing all interest in sex. My wife urged me to seek help. I now feel like I did when I was in my 20's – so needless to say the medication works and we are both very happy."

W.J.B, age 58

"Several years ago, I was found to have
the very early stages of prostate cancer.
I decided on radical surgery which my urologist advised was the surest route to success. He also warned me of the likely possibility of impotence.
He was correct
on both counts. I had always been sexually active prior to my surgery and grew extremely despondent over my present condition.
It was not until a fellow golfer told me he
had a similar experience and had seen
Dr. Carroll. As a result of his professional
and painless treatment I was rewarded with a fulfilling relationship again with my partner
of 45 years." R.M., age 68

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• All Medication Options Available

• No Medication Purchase Required

• Single medications always available
in prescribed dosages

• Reimbursed by Medicare

• Reimbursed by Most Insurances

• Physician with 20+ years of experience in   
treating sexual dysfunction in a traditional  
medical office





Our Practice


100% of our patients are evaluated and treated for sexual dysfunction. They all receive a thorough medical and sexual intake history, followed by a discussion of treatment options.


Our practice has treated in excess of 10,000 patients for Sexual Dysfunction.


Our practice specializes in the latest medications available, adjusting the dosage to meet individual needs and preexisting medical conditions.


Our practice follows all of the American Urological Association protocols, excluding surgery, with over a 95% success rate. Less than 1% of all men with impotence said they would choose surgery as their initial
treatment option.


Our practice specializes exclusively in treating all forms of sexual dysfunction, including impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of desire and Peyronie's Disease.

• Penile Injections Only to treat ED,
even in cases where oral medications
would work

• Medication sold only  by the bottle,
often costing over $1000 per bottle

• Cash Only– No Medicare Accepted
or Reimbursed

• No Insurance Accepted or Reimbursed

• Often See a Sales Counselor
with no formal medical training

• Free visits, sales gimmicks and
discounted offers


Average Urologist Office*


Only 10% of an average Urologist's practice
is there to be treated for sexual dysfunction. 13% of all Urologists do not diagnosis or treat men for impotence.



43% of Urologists see less than 10 impotent men per month.


Urologists are primarily trained as surgeons and perform surgery to treat a variety of medical needs. They can also prescribe medications to treat sexual dysfunction.


50% of Urologists perform implant surgery to treat impotence.






Urologists specialize in treating a variety of diseases; such as kidney disease, bladder disease, incontinence, prostate problems as well as sexual dysfunction.