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Testosterone levels begin to rise at about the time of puberty and remain high until about the age of 30, when they began
to drop gradually.

"I had surgery to remove my prostate after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
The surgery was a success- except it left me impotent.
My doctor recommended a penile implant, but one operation was enough for me. Nothing worked until I sought help from Dr. Carroll. The medication is easy to use, discreet and really works. It was the right choice for
me and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a problem."

R.B., engineer, age 59



"After several years of constant frustration, I feared that my ability to have normal and natural sexual relations had diminished forever. Though I was reluctant to seek medical advice I did, with the encouragement of my family doctor, to consult with Dr. Carroll. The recommended and painless treatment is a Godsend and definitely works. Any fear of impotency that I had prior to my consultation and treatment by Dr. Carroll has completely vanished."

P.M., 65, retired




Every man should understand that testosterone is the most important
male hormone.


Most people know that the hormone testosterone is essential to the development of the male sex drive. Recent research has also shown that this hormone has health benefits that go beyond sex and sexual characteristics like:

 • Increased muscle mass

 • Increased bone strength

 • Decreased fat mass

 • Increased energy

 • Elevated mood

There are age related decreases in testosterone production in men. For women the age-related changes in hormone production are abrupt, often referred to as menopause. For men the changes are slow, but progressive with age. Testosterone levels begin to rise at about the time of puberty and remain high until about the age of 30, when they began to drop gradually. For many men these changes cause significant symptoms and distress. If levels of testosterone are too low, your mood, muscular strength, and bones can be badly affected. Low levels of testestorone, and for some men falling or borderline low levels of testosterone can impact sexual interest, natural performance and responses to drugs like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra. Testosterone replacement therapy is particularly important for men who take drugs for erectile dysfunction, and may reverse low energy levels, lack of sex drive, poor concentration, depression and
bone loss.


Taking Testosterone

Testosterone therapy is an important aspect of our practice. If it is the best course of action to treat your particular problem,
topical gels and creams are readily available.