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Peyronies Disease Treatment Options


New FDA approved treatment now available that is covered by most insurances and Medicare. Call for a consultation to learn more about this exciting medical breakthrough: 407-894-9959.


The treatment in Peyronies Disease (PD) has long been a challenge to physicians and patients. The problem in treating PD has been to deliver medication to the scar tissue that causes the penile curvature. Scar tissue, by its very nature, has very little blood flow going into it, making it difficult to get the medication to where it is needed. Though various drugs were known to reduce scar formation, all have yielded poor results because of their inability to penetrate the tissue itself.


Clinical Results: 76% Obtained a Significant Decrease in Curvature

Results from published studies have shown that after 25 treatments of 20 minutes in length, 76% of the men treated with the EMDA/Verapamil have obtained a significant decrease in their penile curvature. Within that group 14% of the men obtained a complete straightening
of the penis, while 62% achieved measurable results.


Regain Length and Eliminate Pain

Most men will complain of loss of penile length and girth with the onset of the curvature. This is due to the contracture of the scar tissue involved in PD. In addition to the EMDA/Verapamil protocal, we have found that the SOMA Correct device contributes to improving the overall results. Once the scar tissue has been softened by the EMDA/Verapamil treatments, patients begin a program of molding and stretching the penis back to its original form and length. After the 10th EDMA/Verapamil treatment, patients are instructed to use the SOMA Correct device at home. We do not recommend that you use a SOMA Device prior to softening the scar tissue as you may cause additional damage that leads to even more scar tissue being deposited.


This is the same treatment used at leading university centers throughout the country, including Columbia Presbyterian in New York, as well as the Mayo Clinic. We are the only practice in Central Florida offering this breakthrough treatment and one of a handful of physicians in private practice to offer this service to their patients in the country.

"I received medical therapy from Dr. Carroll for Peyronie's disease, which in my particular case was severe: an extreme curve of the penis but without pain during an erection. It was awkward to have intercourse in that condition. Besides, it looked
like my penis had been reduced
in size. After several sessions,
the condition improved greatly

and even though it is not totally recovered, it is much easier
for intercourse, the penis looks normal and closer to its original size." R.M., age 67

"I had severe curvature of the penis, “Peyronie's Disease”
and erectile dysfunction. After getting treatment at the office and therapy at home I am now enjoying a satisfying sex life.

I am very satisfied with the results of treatment. It was a pleasure working with Dr. Carroll and his staff." J.S., age 49

"Since 1992, my medical practice has focused exclusively on the treatment of sexual dysfunction. In the course of treating thousands of men for Erectile Dysfunction, I have seen numerous patients who have had Peyronie's Disease. Until now there was no successful treatment available. Last year we began using the new EMDA/Verapamil/Soma Correct protocol after clinical results indicated that 76% of patients showed a significant improvement. In my opinion, this is the best option available today for the treatment of Peyronie's Disease." George W. Carroll, MD