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"I knew that as a diabetic, one of the complications that could arise for me was impotence. It happened gradually. My erections became less rigid and I was making excuses to avoid sex too often. My wife insisted I do something about it and made an appointment for us to go together. The staff was very professional, informative and made me feel confident that I could regain this part of my life despite the diabetes. It's the best thing that I've ever done for myself; the pressure is off and I'm enjoying sex again."  T.M., construction worker, age 37


"After years of frustration,
my wife and I are once again enjoying a wonderful, intimate relationship."

"At age 52, I received quadruple by-pass surgery. The ensuing stress and medication caused me to suffer from impotence. Since I was not a candidate for Viagra, I decided to seek help from Dr. Carroll. Were it not for him and his staff, my life would suffer a great void."

R.E. executive, age 61

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George W. Carroll, MD: A private practice devoted exclusively
to sexual dysfunction since 1992.


Over the last twenty years, Dr. Carroll has seen many changes in the field of erectile dysfunction, none so dramatic as the onset of oral medication such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. While these drugs have been miracle workers for many, for some men; particularly those with heart disease, cancer of the prostate, prostate surgery or radiation, diabetes, high blood pressure or taking nitrate based medicine; the oral medications don't work or cannot be used safely. These are the patients who receive the most benefit from his knowledge and experience.


He has successfully treated thousands of men for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low testosterone, lack of desire, and Peyronie's Disease; many who had sought help elsewhere and were unhappy with their results or dissatisfied with their prognosis.


 • Associate member of the American Urological Association

 • Member Sexual Medicine Society of North America

 • Member International Society for Sexual Medicine

 • Member International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health

 • Co-founder Alagin Research LLC, devoted to research in the field of sexual medicine

Dr. Carroll's practice offers a variety of treatment options which are tailored to your specific needs;
unlike chain clinics that only offer penile injections, or many urology offices that have a predisposition
to surgical penile implants.

Our goal is to find a safe medication for you that will work reliably every time with minimal side effects. Any treatment that we prescribe will not interfere with medications that you are currently taking. Current treatment options range from oral medications (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis); to injectable medications; transurethral inserts; and hormonal supplementation via injection, creams, and gels.


We also offer the fastest acting oral treatment for ED available today.  If Viagra works for you, then Sildenafil Soft Tabs will work even faster! You'll see results in just 15 minutes rather than one hour at
1/3 of the price of Viagra!


Sildenafil Citrate SofTabs, a sublingual lozenge compounded from Pfizer's Viagra. They dissolve under your tongue and enter your bloodstream in about 15 minutes, unlike other oral medications which take up to an hour to work. Sildenafil Citrate SofTabs allow our patients to experience and enjoy a more spontaneous sexual lifestyle.

Before you seek medical treatment, it is always wise to research on the internet to get real patient feedback on their experience.

While the vast majority of advances in the treatment of impotence over the past 20 years have been due to research performed by urologists in university settings, many board certified urologists in a community setting prefer not to treat men with ED. Less than 1% of urologists specialize exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction.


*This information is adapted from an independent research study performed by N.K. Fredericks & Association, Inc. during February, 1994. Results were compiled from a survey of 552 urologist members of the
American Urological Association.